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Barry W. Rath, Ph.D.

Dr. Rath has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and specializes in Neuropsychology.  He performed his Internship at the Danville, Illinois VA and his Residency at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, which at the time was the world’s premier center for neuropsychology.  Dr. Rath was also Chairman of the Psychology Department at Schwab Rehabilitation in Chicago before moving to Texas to be Clinical Director of NewMedico.  He later opened a private practice in Tyler and has worked closely throughout the years with neurologists and other professionals who specialize in trauma and cognition.  He has been providing Psychological Evaluations for police departments for over 40 years in East Texas and has performed more than 35,000 assessments.  He has provided Expert Witness Testimony to both the Texas House of Representatives and the United States Congress in Washington, DC. 


Dr. Rath has made over 20 television and radio appearances in Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York and Illinois.  He has spoken for the American Medical Association on their National Radio Network and has also appeared on NBC's "Today Show" for Dr. Art Ulene's Family Health Month.  Dr. Rath appears in the following documentary presentations:

  • Mending of Minds        Producer:  Texas Head Injury Foundation

  • Learning About Stroke    Producer:  Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Coming Back From Stroke    Producer:  Encyclopedia Britannica



Police Cars
Personal Driver

Texas Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluation

Dr. Rath has been providing L-3 Psychological Evaluations for over 30 years in East Texas and has partnered with some of the largest law enforcement agencies in the region.

Dr. Rath's evaluations meet all Texas standards and include:

  • MMPI

  • IQ Testing (both verbal and abstract reasoning)

  • Violence Reviews

  • Psychometric Testing for Personality Traits and Psychopathology

  • Review of Personal History Statement and other background documents

  • A Full Interview

  • A Full Written Report

Texas Private Security Psychological Evaluation

Texas HB3424 requires that all individuals applying for a Security Officer commission complete a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test (MMPI) with approval from a Licensed Psychologist attesting to the applicant's psychological fitness. 

Dr. Rath's evaluations are fully compliant with the new law and will provide you with a PSP-13 to accompany your application for your Security Officer commission.

Public Safety Evaluations

Dr. Rath has provided Psychological Evaluations to a multitude of other organizations and groups who have the need to employ personnel for critical roles, such as:

  • Public Safety Dispatchers

  • First Responders

  • ISD Guardian Programs

  • Church Security Programs

  • Corporate and Business Security Programs

Dr. Rath also has decades of experience providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for individuals and agencies who have been involved in LODDs or other catastrophic incidents.


722 Clinic Drive, Tyler, TX, USA

903-330-0633 (texting preferred)

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